Sunday, 22 June 2008

About Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama

When I was a kid, my mom used to watch "A slave Isaura" on TV. I remember that I couldn't watch it for long because I couldn't stand the evilness of the baron. I still tend to cry when I see injustice. Not that much out of sadness but out of pure anger when I cannot do anything about it. That is why I hardly watched Blood Diamond or Schindler's List to the end.

With "A slave Isaura" I was introduced to the struggle of black people in the US. This and the history of the Indians (or rather the end of their history as the white men invaded their lands) were always the two things that came to my mind immediately when I thought of the US (now there is also Bush, of course).

You can imagine therefore how much I like the civil rights movement of the black people. Unfortunately, I could not read a lot about it yet, but I will inshAllah. The following blog entry of Imam Zaid Shakir was therefore a very welcome lecture and analysis as well, because I'm interested in the elections in the US and am counting the days when Bush will finally leave.

Here is the link: Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Barack Obama, and the Fate of America

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